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Booker & Makro Catering News: Autumn 2020

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Choice, price & service highlights for Autumn 2020, from Booker & Makro.


Disposables COMPOSTABLE RECYCLABLE BIODEGRADABLE Can break down into carbon dioxide, water, in-organic compounds and biomass in small pieces in about 90 days, creating beneficial nutrients for the soil. Home Compostable: will break down in home compost environment and does not need high temperatures. Industrial/Commercial Compostable: will only compost if heated to 70c. Product can be recycled in household or commercial recycling bins. The waste is reprocessed back into usable material for packaging or other products, items such as paper, glass, metal, PET and PP plastics are all recyclable. Often confused with compostable, it means that a product can break down without oxygen and turn into carbon dioxide, water and biomass within a reasonable amount of time but can still leave toxic residue. PLASTIC WITH LIDS RANGE INCLUDES Smart Choice Containers Tubs • C500/C650 • Heavy Duty • Snap on lids • Ideal for takeaway food • Recyclable • Microwaveable • 2oz and 4oz • Premium Quality • Leak resistant • Ideal for sauces • Recyclable • Microwaveable C500 Plastic Tubs Microwave Safe Containers & Lids C650 Plastic Tubs Microwave Safe Plastic Containers & Lids 2oz Plastic Tubs Sauce Cups & Lids 4oz Plastic Tubs Sauce Cups & Lids 500ml £18.99 1x250s M139085 650ml £19.99 1x250s M139108 Single £1.89 1x25s M189395 Case £17.99 20x25s M189394 Single £1.99 1x25s M189148 Case £19.99 20x25s M189147 FOIL CONTAINERS RANGE INCLUDES Chef’s Larder Small Oblong Foil Trays with Lids Chef’s Larder Square Foil Trays with Lids Chef’s Larder Oblong Foil Trays with Lids 141mm Single £7.49 1x55s M057253 Case £94.99 16x55s M057254 241mm Single £11.49 1x14s M539490 Case £59.99 10x14s M539480 197mm Single £6.49 1x35s M057263 Case £50.99 9x35s M057264 12 AUTUMN 2020 See the full range instore or online at

Disposables NEW BioPak Range • New range with clear lids, food visibility BIOPAK RANGE • Bases made from Sugar Cane Bagasse, certifi ed both industrial & home compostable to EN13432, AS4736, AS5810 and NF T51-800 RANGE INCLUDES • Lids on the Octa and Rect Tray combi packs are PET and fully recyclable in standard plastic waste stream • Bases are oven safe, microwaveable and freezable 600ml Single £7.99 1x50s M249173 Case £50.99 8x50s M249172 750ml Single £8.99 1x25s M254673 Case £55.99 8x25s M254659 950ml Single £9.99 1x25s M249636 Case £62.99 8x25s M249635 EDENWARE BAGASSE Bagasse Boxes • Compostable (commercial) • Variety of insulated hinged containers for hot and cold use RANGE INCLUDES Large Meal Box 9x6” Single £8.29 1x50s M227358 Case £27.99 4x50s M227357 COMPOST ME Compost Me Hot Food Boxes • Premium look • Suitable for the microwave, use for hot or cold food • Compostable Small 12.5 x 11.5 x 6.5cm Single £7.99 1x50s M127798 Case £53.99 8x50s M127797 Medium 17 x 13.5 x 6.5cm Single £11.49 1x50s M180723 Case £54.99 6x50s M180722 Burger Box 6x6” Single £5.29 1x50s M227292 Case £33.99 8x50s M227289 RANGE INCLUDES Large 21.5 x 15 x 6.5cm Single £10.79 1x36s M156666 Case £44.99 5x36s M156665 Burger Box 12 x 12 x 10 cm £7.49 1x50s M239159 Medium Meal Box 7x5” Single £6.49 1x50s M227362 Case £39.99 8x50s M227359 ECO GOURMET Eco Gourmet • Premium look, with breathe holes • Compostable RANGE INCLUDES Meal Box 12 x 22 x 10 cm £9.99 1x50s M239172 Please note: ranges are not available in all branches, please ask your local team for more information. See the full range instore or online at AUTUMN 2020 13