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Booker & Makro Catering News: Autumn 2020

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Choice, price & service highlights for Autumn 2020, from Booker & Makro.

Disposables Edenware

Disposables Edenware Disposable Cutlery • Compostable Ecopac Straws • Made from extra strong 3 ply food grade paper Quest Drinks Carriers • Recyclable and compostable £2.79 1x100s Knife M245032 Spoon M245097 Case £15.99 10x100s Knife M245029 Spoon M245096 Fork M245034 Teaspoon M245099 Fork M245033 Teaspoon M245098 Red/White Candy Stripe Single £2.99 1x250s M254337 Case £49.99 20x250s M254336 Milkshake Paper Straw Single £3.49 1x80s M257974 Case £49.99 20x80s M257973 Black Straight Single £2.99 1x250s M238056 Case £49.99 20x250s M238054 2 Cup Carrier Single £4.99 1x50s M179434 Case £21.59 6x50s M179433 4 Cup Carrier Single £7.29 1x50s M179436 Case £41.99 8x50s M179435 HOT DRINK CUPS H-Pack Embossed Double Wall Cups • Compostable, recyclable, biodegradable • Matching lids also available FyNite 12oz Kraft ‘S’ Ripple Wall Cup & Lids • 40's RANGE INCLUDES FyNite 12oz Black Triple Wall Ripple Cups • Triple wall for added thermal protection Single £2.99 1x25s M212722 Case £38.99 20x25s M212721 FyNite 8oz Black Lids Please note: ranges are not available in all branches, please ask your local team for more information. 8oz Eco Cup Single £4.49 1x35s M252264 Case £55.99 20x35s M252263 Chef’s Larder Tumblers • Recyclable 7oz Single £3.49 1x100s M451380 Case £34.99 20x100s M451390 10oz Single £2.79 1x50s M451330 Case £34.99 20x50s M451340 12oz Eco Cup Single £4.49 1x30s M252249 Case £46.99 16x30s M252248 CUPS 20oz Single £3.49 1x50s M451300 Case £38.99 20x50s M190327 Single £5.99 40s M238348 Smoothie Cup & Lids • Now made from 80% recycled content 12oz Single £5.29 1x50s M260024 Case £40.99 10x50s M260023 16oz Single £6.49 1x50s M260027 Case £47.99 10x50s M260025 20oz Single £6.99 1x50s M260036 Case £48.99 10x50s M260035 Single £3.49 1x100s M222023 Case £20.49 10x100s M222022 RANGE INCLUDES Bio Tumblers • Recyclable and fully biodegradable Pint Single £3.99 1x50s M252705 Case £54.99 20x50s M252704 7oz Single £3.99 1x100s M252707 Case £49.99 20x100s M252706 Half Pint Single £3.49 1x50s M252703 Case £49.99 20x50s M252702 14 AUTUMN 2020 See the full range instore or online at

Nupik Paper Plates PLATES Viva Brown Pizza Boxes • Recyclable PIZZA BOXES Disposables 22cm £5.99 1x50s M233584 24.5cm £6.99 1x50s M233562 7inch £5.99 1x100s M247933 9inch £8.49 1x100s M247936 12inch £11.49 1x100s M247938 FyNite Medium White Vest Carrier BAGS/CARRIERS XL Premium Paper Carrier Bag • Recyclable Takeaway Food Carriers Large Brown • Recyclable 10x15x18” £2.29 1x100s M249984 Chef’s Essentials Foil 300mm x 60m Single £3.49 1x60m M148315 Case £38.79 12x60m M148314 £12.99 1x100s M247532 Chef’s Essentials 1 Ply Luncheon Napkins 30cm x 28cm Single £1.69 1x500s M234188 Case £14.99 10x500s M234186 GENERAL CleanPro Refuse Sacks Ex Large/Standard Heavy Duty Capacity approx. 85 litres £10.99 1x90s M233125 £9.99 1x100s M252506 Capacity approx. 70 litres £17.99 1x200s M190159 CleanPro All Purpose Cloths - Blue 37cm x 27cm £6.19 1x100s M162486 Please note: ranges are not available in all branches, please ask your local team for more information. See the full range instore or online at AUTUMN 2020 15