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Booker & Makro Catering News: Autumn 2020

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Choice, price & service highlights for Autumn 2020, from Booker & Makro.

Key Highlights PRICES

Key Highlights PRICES HELD UNTIL 31ST DEC Gordon's Flavours CHEAPER BY THE CASE Jack Rabbit UK's No.1 * Ontrade Wine Brand 6 x 75cl 6 x 70cl Varieties as stocked £69 .99* Save £2.33 vs single bottle *Excludes Scotland. Smirnoff Vodka/Gordon's Gin/ Morgans Spiced Rum* 70cl M466599 Smirnoff Vodka M627850 Gordon's Gin M975813 Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum £10 .45 each MUP £10.94 *MUP will apply in Scotland and Wales. J2O Buy any 3 for £20 12 x 275ml Varieties as Stocked £7 .79 M183134 Merlot M183136 Pinot Grigio M183143 White Zinfandel £25 .99 *CGA Chef's Larder Premium Luxury Chocolate Fudge Cake (Pre-Sliced) 14 portions M131356 £7 .99 Pipers Crisps • Other flavours available 24 x 40g M249576 Cheddar & Onion M249574 Cider Vinegar & Sea Salt M249559 Sea Salt £9 .99 3 for £26 6 AUTUMN 2020 Prices and products are correct at time of going to print and are not guaranteed unless stated. Subject to changes without prior consultation. Recipes, serves and idea are suggestions only and for illustration only, subject to change without notice.

IT'S BACK Key Highlights GIN GIN &&"FREE TONIC" MIXER BUY ANY 3 PREMIUM GINS * GET A CASE OF 24 BRITVIC MIXERS FREE *See the whole selection of premium gins to choose from instore. Britvic Spicy Ginger Ale M219883 Britvic Ginger Beer M219884 Britvic Soda Water M219886 Britvic Indian Tonic Water Low Calorie M219868 Britvic Indian Tonic Water M219869 Premium Gin applies to 35cl/50cl/70cl/1.5L bottles. Excludes all size and varieties of Gordon's & Grosvenor and all Direct Delivered. Britvic Mixers 24x200ml worth £9.99/£11.29 at current WSP and only includes the shown range. AUTUMN 2020 7

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